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About Stichelton

Cheesemaker Joe Schneider, Randolph Hodgson of Neal’s Yard Dairy and the Welbeck Estate have joined forces to make a blue cheese from raw milk. Stichelton Dairy is located in a Grade II listed barn alongside the dairy farm on the Welbeck estate in Nottinghamshire, one of the traditional counties of Stilton fame. Our aim is to produce the finest quality raw milk cheese from the milk of a single herd.

Stilton, arguably the King of English cheeses, has a well known history and is protected under European law as to where and how it can be made. Perversely though, these very same measures prevent Stilton from being made in its time honoured traditional way, as a farmhouse cheese made with raw milk. After a nearly 30 year absence, Stichelton Dairy is trying to rub a bit of the tarnish off the King’s crown.
We believe that cheese made on farm from raw milk offers a complexity and length of flavour of a different sort to that of pasteurised cheese, so we have stuck to our principles, and painstakingly poured all the traditional knowledge and passion for authentic cheesemaking we could muster into Stichelton.
Our goal in this project was to bring back a long forgotten cheese to British consumers, so that they could enjoy one of Britain’s best known and best loved cheeses in its original form. In this sense our entire focus is on traditional, British cheesemaking where quality and flavour is the priority. We’re not finished. Every day we look to learn from the past to make a better cheese, one that will earn the name of Stilton, King of British Cheeses.

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